LAKESUN is a small private campground with a unique natural setting. In order to preserve and protect the natural environment of our property we treat it as a conservation area so that all of our guests can enjoy the experience of camping in a near-wilderness setting with enough facilities readily available to make your stay comfortable.

REGISTRATION. ALL VISITORS/CAMPERS must register at the office before entering the campground. All visitors are subject to camping or daily ground fees. If you invite friends to visit you at your campsite, please notify us in advance.

CONDUCT. Common sense and courtesy should be your guide, we assume that adults know what is appropriate behaviour. At Lakesun we wish to maintain a family atmosphere. Unnecessary rudeness, loudness, excessive drinking or use of illegal substances, destruction of property or environment or other disruptive actions will result in immediate dismissal without refund. Safe conduct is required of everyone, any activities that can be interpreted as unsafe or causing harm to yourself or anyone else will not be tolerated.

NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. We wish to maintain Lakesun so that everyone can enjoy an unspoiled setting. Do not pick the plants or catch the animals. We believe that the plants and animals with whom we share our space have the right to exist with as little disturbance as possible.

CHILDREN. PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND SAFETY OF THEIR CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES. Children under the age of 12 are to be kept under direct supervision of parents at all times. Make sure that your child understands that frogs, snakes, insects and plants are not toys and are to be left undisturbed. Toys: do not bring toys that will cause disturbances, leave your water pistols, butterfly nets, bows and arrows and other things that fling projectiles or make loud annoying noises at home. There are a myriad of toys and games available to keep your child happily amused during their stay that are appropriate to a peaceful atmosphere. Lakesun provides children with a unique opportunity for children to experience nature. If your child is interested to learn about the natural world Rose-Marie will be more than happy to show them many of the interesting things that surround us.

SWIMMING. Swim at your own risk; there is no lifeguard on duty. Use the buddy system, do not swim alone. No horseplay on the docks or raft. No "cliff diving", do not dive off the rocks along the shoreline.

PETS. NO DOGS OR CATS allowed anywhere in the campground. All other pets, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, hamsters etc. are to be kept caged safely and kept at your campsite.

CAMPSITE. Please keep your campsite compact, space is limited and a sprawling campsite deprives others of room. Keep your foodstuffs packed away securely to discourage raccoons. There are a few picnic table available, these are intended primarily for tenters.

ELECTRICITY. The electric lines are on a 15 amp SHARED line and intended for light use only. Appliances with elements such as electric kettles, electric frying pans, air conditioners and heaters will trip the breakers and deprive you and your fellow campers of service.

BEACH AND PLAYGROUND AREAS. Children have priority on the sandy beach; this is the area in which kids can splash and build sandcastles. Please do not leave boats on the sandy swimming beach.

CAMPFIRE. There is one central campfire fireplace for everyone to use; no other campfires are permitted. We supply the firewood, do not bring in outside firewood. If you want marshmallow sticks do not cut them from trees or bushes, we have a brush pile from which we will be happy to supply you with all the marshmallow/hotdog roasting sticks you need. Keep the campfire within the confines of the fireplace, no large "bonfires".

BARBECUES. Never leave barbecues unattended while fire is on. Used charcoal from hibachis is to be disposed of in the campfire fireplace ONLY, do not dump used charcoal anywhere on the grounds or in the garbage.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Garbage cans are provided in the disposal shed for small household garbage. Recycling is mandatory, please rinse your recyclables and place in the containers provided. Take home large items such as lawn chairs and old tents that are too large for the garbage cans. Large cardboard must be cut down to smaller pieces. We do not have a compost bin, do not throw food waste into the bushes. SMOKERS: Our grounds are not an ashtray, please dispose of your butts properly.

BOATING. No gas-powered motors are permitted. Small electric "trolling" motors are accepted; keep in mind that a license is required to operate these. ONTARIO LAW requires that safety devices are to be carried on ALL watercraft: you must have a life jacket and whistle or other sound device for each passenger, a length of rope and a bailing bucket. Boats are to be landed at the "boat beach". Only seasonal campers may store boats for any length of time, if you wish to leave your boat between visits a storage fee is applied. Safe conduct is required when using watercraft, do not overload boats with more passengers than load limit and do not stand up in canoes and boats. STAY AWAY from the loons, do not paddle towards them.

QUIET HOURS. Quiet hours are from 11:00 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. Let people sleep.

NO SOLICITING. Amway, Jewelway, Whateverway, our guests are not a captive audience to your sales pitches.

IF IT NEEDS REPAIR OR ADJUSTMENT: Please let us know if you see something that needs repair or adjustment, we will tend to it right away. Do not take it upon yourself to "fix" things. If you need trimming at your campsite please ask us.

FISHING. ONTARIO LAW requires a fishing license, know the catch limits. In order to maintain the fish population bass must be 10 inches or larger to keep.
Children must be supervised while fishing.
Refrain from fishing before the bass season opens. Queen's University in partnership with MNR conducted studies that prove when bass are disturbed from their nests they will abandon the eggs.
Take fish off the hook IMMEDIATELY and place them back into the water if you do not intend to keep them. Do not torture the fish by dangling them on the hook or keeping them out of the water any longer than necessary. NO LIVE BAIT (such as frogs, minnows, insects) to be used. Earthworms are acceptable.
Do not leave fish dangling on stringers, the turtles will attack them. Use a fish basket or other live well type container. Clean your fish as soon as possible.
A fish cleaning table is located beside the garage. Do not throw fish heads and entrails into the lake near the camping area.
Bring the heads and other remnants to Rose-Marie for proper disposal.
The swimming area is off limits to fishing at all times.
Dispose of fishing line properly "Gobs" of tangled line are a hazard to wildlife. Put your wadded line into a plastic bag and put it into the garbage.
Store your fishing gear away promptly. Take lures off rods, do not leave hooks and tackle laying about where it becomes a danger to yourself or other guests.